Billy Hector

Cold Wind - CD

CD coverCOLD WIND by Billy Hector and the Fairlanes, the band that continued on after the original Fairlanes disbanded with the bandwagon being led by Billy Hector, Suzan Lastovica and Billy Lilley. Various rhythm sections appear on the tracks.

- Billy Hector: Guitars and vocals
- Suzan Lastovica: vocals
- Bill Lilley: Harmonica, vocal

ALL songs written by Billy Hector and Suzan Lastovica, with the exception of (*) Nadine (which was written by Chuck Berry.)

1. Long Row To Hoe    2. Slow Burn
3. Cold Wind    4. Where You Gonna Run To?
5. I Can Give You Everything    6. Can't Get Enough
7. At Midnight    8. Nadine*
9. Down "D", Dirty "D"    10. The Name Of Your Game
11. Change Your Mind    12. Where'd You Stay Last Night