Billy Hector

Duct Tape Life - CD


CD cover

 Call it Rock 'n' Blues. Call it power blues. Call it Billy Hector's sound. It's honest. It's powerful. It's  graceful. It's all over the CD, Duct Tape Life, so named because it aptly captures the daily traumas and  passions of a guitarist and the fans he sings for, those who count on music like this to bridge the gap  between dreams and reality. From “Dealin’ with the Devil”

 “Judge got oath and duty, white collar crime got the cash 
 If a poor boy just sneezes they throw away the keys and Justice goes out with the trash".

1. Doggin' Me Round (Hector/Lastovica)
2. Back Door Man (Dixon)
3. Dealin With The Devil (Hector/Lastovica)
4. Big Boy Now (Hector/Lastovica)   5. Twisted (Hector/Lastovica)
6. Radio of Fear (Hector/Lastovica)   7. Shake 'em on Down (Burnside)
8. I Wish You Would (Arnold)   9. Test of Time (Hector/Lastovica)
10. I Remember Every Night (Hector/Lastovica)   11. Pictures of Rome (Hector/Lastovica)