Billy Hector

Undertow - CD

CD cover Undertow is fourteen original songs written by Billy Hector and longtime collaborator Suzan Lastovica. The first six songs were recorded live at Jason’s Jazz and Blues Nightclub in So. Belmar, NJ with Hector’s Acoustic Armada, featuring Billy on acoustic guitar, Tim Tindall on stand-up bass, Ken Sorensen on harmonica and Eric Clark on snare drum. The remaining eight songs were recorded at BustaHump Acres studio with varied rhythm sections. 

       All songs written by W. Hector/S. Lastovica

1. Clapper and the Bell    2. Fix Me Babe
3. Gotta Learn to Work It    4. One More Good Time
5. Traveler    6. Feed the Meters
7. The Next Train    8. I Don't Care
9. Shame the Devil    10. Only You
11. Broke Down Ragged Ford    12. Woman Like You
13. Let's Get Lucky    14. William's Lullabye